Price action is the study of price movement in the market and one of the most commonly used methods in today’s financial market.

However, there is no difference in Price Action because what I see on my trading chart is what you see on your chart.

The only difference is that we use the price action to open a trade with a proper strategy. Price action is often read in all time frames. The smaller the time frame the faster the price movement.

What is Scalping

Scalping is the act of getting small profits over and over during the intraday trading.

These profits are often achieved in hours, minutes, and sometimes, even in seconds.

The difference between scalping and intraday trading is that scalping focuses on making small profits on each trade.

Whereas intraday trading is simply getting into and out of your trades before the market closes.

Price Action Scalping with help of Indicator

The main definition of price action scalping shows that the traders just watch candlestick movement without the help of any technical indicator.

But I will explain to you scalping with the help of an indicator and I assure it’s the most accurate price action scalping strategy.

EUR/JPY, H1 chart dated 07/10/2020.

The above chart shows the hourly movement of the EUR/JPY currency pair. I added only one indicator on the chart.

When the price of the currency pair breaks the indictor in H1 then the market will give you a clear trade opportunity with assuring a profit.

I apply this Scalping strategy many times and every time I earn profit from the market.

This price action scalping strategy not only works on currencies pairs but it is also working on commodities trading. You can see the red circled area on the above mention chart, the market gives me a clear profit without taking a high risk. And my trade has close in just a few minutes.

I hope this scalping strategy will give you a lot of profitable trading opportunities.

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